Pier 40, Hudson River Park
What is Float Lab?
The mini, temporary and floating science-lab
version of + POOL's filtration system at
Pier 40 in Hudson River Park.
In April 2014, we launched "Float Lab" to test the complete combination of filtration membranes in real-river conditions. For 6 months, it captured a wide range of data and helped us understand how the filtration behaves during all seasons. A big thanks to naval architects at Brooklyn-based Persak & Wurmfeld, fabricators at Olollo, the filtration textiles and systems specialists at Mackworth, the marine science field station River Project, our scientists at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, our engineers at Arup, and of course, the generous Hudson River Park Trust. It's the first time we've gotten in the water (with + POOL), which is a monumental milestone towards swimming in the river!
How it Happened
$273,114 from 3,175 backers,
Tile By Tile on Kickstarter
In July 2013, we launched a 30-day Kickstarter campaign to raise enough money to build Float Lab, and because of 3,175 backers, we were able to test in real-river conditions. We gave backers the opportunity to own a piece of the future full-size + POOL for themselves, a + POOL tile. If every one of the 70,000 tiles on the future + POOL are reserved, then the entire construction budget of + POOL will be funded from front to back, making in the largest crowdfunded civic project of all time. Buy a tile at www.tilebytile.org.
+ POOL Dashboard
Bringing Float Lab's data to the public
in an easy and educational way
Thanks to our friends at Google Drive, we launched the "+ POOL Dashboard," a visual tool that provides simple and fun access to data allowing the general public and the City of New York to stay educated on the quality of New York's rivers and + POOL's mission to improve and eventually swim in it. It's currently testing only in one location, but hopes to work with other organizations to achieve a more comprehensive view of the river's water quality, inspire discussion and education, and work towards swimming in clean river water.
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