This timeline takes you through all things + POOL—from the launch to some big meetings—and soon to final design, permitting and construction.

January 10, 2019

Meeting at City Hall

November 27, 2018

Visit Hunter’s Point Community Middle School

November 7, 2018

Meeting @ City Hall

November 5, 2018

Visit Avenues: The World School

November 1, 2018

Call with Senator Schumer’s Office

October 31, 2018

Meet with DEP

October 25, 2018

Winter Bluefish Kicks Off!

October 19, 2018

Urban Field Stations Meeting

July 27, 2018

File an International Patent

April 27, 2018

Meeting with Naval Architects

March 26, 2018

Summer Bluefish receives grant from USA Swimming Foundation (again!)

January 8, 2018

Meet with Council Member Margaret Chin’s Office

December 18, 2017

Present to Manhattan CB7 Committee

December 6, 2017

Present to Manhattan CB9 Committee

November 9, 2017

Call with City Hall

November 8, 2017

Design Workshop

October 20, 2017

Site visit to Howard Hughes Corporation’s new Pier 17 Development

October 18, 2017

Mayor de Blasio Talks about + POOL at Town Hall

September 24, 2017

Share + POOL with the public at Hudson River Park’s SUBMERGE

September 18, 2017

Present to Brooklyn CB2 Parks Committee

September 15, 2017

Film Short on + POOL Tours NYC

September 1, 2017

Meeting with NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

July 31, 2017

File Provisional Patent for Filtration System

July 26, 2017

Meeting at City Hall

July 13, 2017

Meeting with Assemblywoman Jo Anne Simon

July 13, 2017

Call with City Hall

July 12, 2017

Meeting with Assemblyman Joe Lentol

March 27, 2017

Meeting at City Hall

October 5, 2016

Ann Buttenweiser gives + POOL the Hero of the Harbor Award

September 1, 2016

1st meeting with Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen

July 5, 2016

Denied Planning Funds from the Regional Economic Development Council

June 14, 2016

Completed Mayor’s Office of Contract Services Training Course

June 7, 2016

Present to the Community Advisory Council at Brooklyn Bridge Park

April 9, 2016

Sharon Chang, Gary Handel and Michael Ventura Join the Board

February 5, 2016

Try to get liability insurance and all the providers say “we don’t insure water filtering-floating swimming pools”

January 11, 2016

Full + POOL Design Team Meet with DEC Marine Division

January 6, 2016

1st Meeting with City Hall

December 1, 2015

Meet with Open Space Alliance about sites in North Brooklyn

November 19, 2015

Call with Brooklyn Borough President to talk Brooklyn Sites

November 18, 2015

Meet with MTV

November 4, 2015

Talk to Queens Community Board about Prospective Sites

November 4, 2015

Feasibility timeline meeting with BBP

October 8, 2015

Hold Series of Site Workshops with Design Team

October 5, 2015

Talk with DEC about how to share our water quality data

June 10, 2015

Marc Kushner Hosts a Dinner Party at his House

March 25, 2015

Environmental Lawyers Sive, Paget & Reisel Join the Team

March 15, 2015

Law Firm Bryan Cave Joins the Team

February 6, 2015

Share Float Lab Data w/ Waterfront Developers

January 14, 2015

Meet with Two Trees about Domino Sugar Factory

March 21, 2014

Meet NYC Parks + DEC on Float Lab

April 6, 2013

Win ACEC Award for Engineering Excellence

December 4, 2012

Meet Venetia Lannon, Regional Director @ Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)

September 7, 2012

Meet with Eva Franch & Kara Meyer @ Storefront about fundraising

November 2, 2011

Create Roadmap of Permitting and Approvals Process

October 15, 2010

Attend Vision 2020 Public Meeting

August 16, 2010

Meet Cassie from Kickstarter to ask advice on crowdfunding

August 3, 2010

Walk out of meeting after developer wants to turn + POOL into private club

July 23, 2010

PSFK calls + POOL the Future of Water Recreation

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